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Reasons To Smile

Posted on: March 5th, 2019 by Dr. Susan Pazak

You have heard it before, “Smile it is good for you”. It turns out that this is very true. In trying to make things happen in our life, get healthy, eat healthy, exercise and reach our goals, we sometimes forget to smile. Things become so serious and our smiling face is serious or frowning more often. Studies have shown that a cheerful attitude may help to prevent colds, flu and other ailments in your life. Continual unhappiness and stress are bad for your health!

Every day you have reasons to smile. You awoke from your sleep and you are blessed with another day, you are breathing, there is a roof over your head, clothes on your back, etc. Instead of complaining about these very important aspects of your life, smile and be thankful. People may say yes but…I don’t like my house or I don’t like my clothes or I am not as healthy as I need to be…and on and on until your smile suddenly turns into a frown. Look for reasons to smile in your day. Be thankful for the progress that you have made and focus on what you can do today to improve your situation to increase happiness and contentment in your life.

The biggest problem that you may have in your life, right now, could be resolved if you change how you react to it. Adjust your attitude and smile. Recognize that this too shall pass and you will overcome. To know that you cannot control others, people and situations, but you can control the way that you react to the world. This is very beneficial in terms of health and well being. It takes the pressure off. Let Go and Let God and of course…Smile!

If you find yourself in the blues and say to yourself “I don’t have anything to smile about”…I am here to tell you that you do! Without even knowing each individual reader of this article, I guarantee that you have something to smile about. I challenge you to search within to find your child-like happiness, challenge the negative thoughts and situations and smile! Enjoy the journey and life lessons! See the good in every situation and circumstance. It is there, if you look!

  • Suggestions to lift a blue mood
  • Exercise. Get moving. Oftentimes your mind will change automatically afterwards
  • Smile. The nerves in your face muscles tell your brain that you are happy (fake it until you make it!)
  • Spend no time (or as little as possible) with complainers, doubters, and people who are just plain cranky
  • Focus on the positive, find it in every situation. Your brain will automatically begin to do this after awhile
  • Make good times last longer. Plan things that you enjoy ahead of time. Thinking about things you like can brighten your day and your mood.

Most people have some days when they feel down, but being able to address the feelings and let them go in a short time is the key. No more “bad days”. Bad moments, okay, but no more bad days. Life is too short and our days our precious. Happiness is not an accident. Happy people are the ones who have determined in their hearts that this is going to be a good day! Smile, it is good for you!

If you find yourself unable to smile or lift yourself out of the blues, please seek help. I am here if you need to talk or need direction or guidance.

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