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Dr. Susan Pazak

Clinical psychologist and life coach in Orange County

Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are Dr. Pazak’s signatures to offering the best consulting, counseling and life change elite concierge coaching service to the world’s most successful people. With grace, kindness and compassion Dr. Pazak leads clients on a journey to reaching highest potential. She uses her in depth education and experience to implement change for clients that could be imagined but had been elusive making her one of the best life change experts.

Change your thoughts and everything else will follow is Dr. Pazak’s philosophy along with her specialty formulas on how to make that happen. She has a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Pazak’s meticulous understanding of a diverse population of people including high income earners, entrepreneurs, high profile, elite personalities, celebrities, public figures, and complex lifestyles allows her to provide a discreet, disciplined and strategic psychological approach to coaching and simplifying life’s most complicated situations and relationships. Her leading, teaching, and guiding techniques are beyond remarkable and exclusive to her style.

Dr. Pazak’s exceptional insight and perceptiveness allows her to identify areas that need to be changed to eliminate strains, pressures and problems life can bring. Revered for using one of a kind skills Dr. Pazak guides clients on the endeavor while providing the ultimate life change experience. Thriving not surviving is Dr. Pazak’s personal approach to life while being present with her thoughts, insight, peace and power ensues.

With Dr. Pazak, loving, laughter, beauty, and quality relationships are her favorite things perceiving life as a unique experience that can be embraced and learned from every day. Despite situations and circumstances we can learn to be content. She loves being content and peaceful with the amazing and fascinating world God has created for us.

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