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“Simplify today by using these powerful words, scriptures, and thoughts to shift your perspective, mood, and outlook. Life does not have to be complicated”

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Negative words and thoughts complicate everyday life, especially during difficult times. Core beliefs and negative words and thoughts can be changed to create a simple life. Simplify contains ninety saying and scriptures that give specific ways to change our words and thoughts during any of life’s situations and circumstances.

Discover how changing what we say and think allows us to have peace amidst life’s storms. Over time, or maybe immediately, you will experience a simplified perspective. You will discover how to change the way you speak and think, and the shift in belief will be life changing.

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Dr. Susan Pazak, MD

  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Voted best psychologist in Laguna Niguel 3 years
  • Studied marital & sexual satisfaction in couples
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