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Life Coaching FAQs

Life coaching in Orange County

Life coaching can be one of the best investments that you make into your life.  Life coaching with Dr, Pazak allows for you to explore visions, dreams, and God’s purposes for your life!

Life coaching with Dr. Pazak is done uniquely from a psychological perspective.  Life coaching is for people that are not experiencing any psychological symptoms that need to be addressed or treated by a psychologist.  Therapy is the effective service when a person is experiencing psychological symptoms that are impairing their ability to function.  Life Coaching is the best service chosen when a person is looking for direction and guidance with life, career and relationships.


Life coaching can assist with:

  • Love relationships
  • Work relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Work/life balance
  • Boundaries
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Parenting
  • Lack of confidence
  • Perpetual self doubt
  • Optimizing performance
  • Finding purpose
  • Goal setting
  • Health and fitness

Life coaching with Dr. Pazak allows for change to begin after the first meeting.  Goals are identified, a plan is agreed upon and tools are reviewed.  Usually 6 meetings is a good gauge if goals are more intensive and require more time for the process to be completed and goals to be attained.

During a life coaching session with Dr. Pazak problems and areas of concern are identified.  Usually it is encouraged that some thought is given to the goals, outcomes and desires of seeking life coaching sessions.  The more specific the needs and wants the more quickly a plan can be identified and goals set.

It is very common to not know what you want from life coaching but you are just aware of the discontentment and unhappiness with life, relationships, or career or all areas.  That is called a brainstorming life coaching session.  Dr, Pazak excels at as,Omg the right questions to find the desires of your heart.  Fear usually stops is from knowing , dreaming or goal setting.  Dr. Pazak’s unique approach allows for you to find answers that only you know about you. It is an amazing, exciting process!

Dr. Pazak offers elite concierge coaching which means every coaching session is unique to every individual.  There is not a one size fits all method to coaching that is used.  Dr. Pazak’s extensive study of psychology allows her to understand people to provide the elite experience that you deserve and desire and most importantly is effective in creating change and optimizing performance.

Absolutely!  No better time than the present.  Whether you have one situation or circumstance that you would like guidance, support and direction or would like to explore options more deeply, Dr. Pazak is available to begin that unique life coaching experience with you.

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Dr. Susan Pazak is a Clinical Psychologist licensed in California and a life coach offering elite concierge coaching services from a psychological perspective. With a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Pazak has a profound understanding of people after her many years of studying and observing human behavior that allows her to provide the most unique and extraordinary coaching experience in the world. Valued by her clients for her keen perspective, caring, logic and insight as being part of the amazing coaching experience.  She has navigated her accomplished, intelligent clients through the most difficult and tragic situations to a simple resolution and change.

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Dr. Susan Pazak, MD

  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Voted best psychologist in Laguna Niguel 3 years
  • Studied marital & sexual satisfaction in couples
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