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More valuable than an accolade or award are kind words from our clients. Read some of our the amazing reviews.

“I talk with Dr. Susan once or twice per week. She helps me put things into perspective and make wise decisions at my company. I love having her there for me whenever I need coaching and advice. She is like my silent partner who offers me direction. I can anonymously share all my thoughts and feelings with someone who understands how to guide me towards continued success and the expansion of my company. Her psychological approach to coaching is unique and priceless.” Business owner

“I was secretly addicted to painkillers and alcohol. I reached out to Dr. Pazak 10 years ago and began changing my life following her detailed plan, coaching, and counseling. She taught me to learn about myself and understand the reasons behind my actions, both the ones I wanted to do and the ones I wanted to avoid. Dr. Pazak’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding have helped me remain sober and make decisions that led to the successful sale of my company for 500 million dollars. Having Dr. Pazak as my life change coach was key to making that happen.” Satisfied

“Dr. Susan’s skills and expertise are the best. She is kind, caring, smart, and wise beyond her years. Her approach helped me finally value and appreciate myself so I could love another person. I am now happy, content, and in an amazing relationship. Dr. Susan’s skills and teachings work if you want to reach your goals.” Content and Happy

“Dr. Pazak taught my wife and me how to forgive, communicate, and reset our marriage. It was not fun at first and was very difficult. With Dr. Susan believing in us and assuring us that forgiveness and a desire to change, instead of being right, could help us fall in love again. We learned to express our feelings and thoughts in a loving way in order to be understood. As a result, we fell in love again.”  Mr. And Mrs.

“Dr. Susan always says, ‘Change the way you think, and you can change the way you feel.’ The battle is in my mind. I did not know what that meant when I first met Dr. Susan, but now I do. I am so grateful for Dr. Susan’s knowledge and her approach to coaching from a psychological perspective. I have been to many other coaches, therapists, and psychologists, and by far, Dr. Susan has provided me with the teaching, coaching, and skills I needed to thrive again. I am now anxiety-free and enjoying my journey. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Susan’s expertise in changing my life.” Grateful

“Dr. Pazak taught me how to be a better parent and husband. Her knowledge and understanding of people were amazing. By following Dr. Pazak’s guidance and teachings, I learned how to communicate from a place of love instead of frustration and anger, and that was the key to my success. As I changed, everyone around me changed. My wife and teenagers respond to me instead of reacting, and needless to say, my home life is now how I had imagined and wanted it to be.”  Peaceful Parent and Husband

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