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Overcoming Stress, Worry and Anxiety – 15 Tips

Posted on: February 20th, 2019 by Dr. Susan Pazak

Feelings of anxiety are a result of fear of the unknown.  Anxiety is usually caused by thoughts of the future.  “What will I do?”, “What is going to happen?” “What if …” Worry and anxiety can affect us negatively in many ways.  They can lead to physical symptoms, social inhibitions, loss of confidence, feelings of panic and even problems at home or on the job.  These problems can be chronic, persisting either mildly or sometimes flaring up to become more severe.  If left un-addressed, problems can last for years. Feelings of anxiety are a sign that life is out of balance, mind, body and spirit.  As we balance our life and become aware of our feelings and apply coping skills, we will be free to continue reaching your goals and living healthy!

Be aware of how every day situations and major life events are addressed.  Every day situations would be getting to work on time, meeting deadlines, taking care of children, handling family interactions and situations, traffic, long lines, etc.  Major life events that can be stressful include death of a spouse, divorce, marital separation, jail term and death of a close family member.  Become aware of the difference.  Being aware of thoughts and feelings toward life events can allow us to quickly adjust to problem solving mode instead of reacting mode. Spiritual connections are also a great source when dealing with anxious feelings in response to situations. Problematic every day situations need to identified if they are causing your body stress and anxiety.  Making adjustments in our day and breaking the worry habit can change our lives.

Below listed are some other things that can be done on a daily basis to manage stress:

  • Daily exercise will allow you to handle situations more effectively
  • Keep a sense of humor. Laugh out loud more often.
  • Remember, Whatever is causing you stress, it is just a problem with a solution
  • Take a bath or warm shower
  • Listen to relaxation tapes daily
  • Make a worry list to learn to problem solve instead of react
  • Be forgiving to yourself and others. Things do not always have to go as planned!
  • Repeat positive self-statements
  • Sleep
  • Imagine soothing, restful images
  • Take slow deep breaths in through the nose and as you release, let all your feelings of anxiety go.
  • Take a time out to clear your mind
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others
  • Relinquish your job of running the world! We cannot control people, places and situations.  Go with the flow of life!
  • Be grateful, pray, meditate on all the blessings in your life

Worrying is such a strong habit for many people that they think it is a permanent part of their personality that cannot be changed.  Worry and anxiety can be changed and overcome! By overcoming reactions to stress, worry and anxiety, we are able to devote more time and energy to other things, like goals and dreams.  As feelings of anxiety are addressed, feelings of relaxation can be experienced. Your mind will be open to new ideas, visions and goals.  Overall health will improve as worry and anxiety is overcome.  Digestion will improve and you may have fewer headaches. Other physical symptoms in response to anxiety will ease up as well.

If you have excessive feelings of anxiety, please seek professional help.  It is worth the effort to overcome these difficulties and address the problem.  Remember “Let go and let God”, “This too shall pass” and at the end of every storm the sun always shines again!

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