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Choose To Enjoy Your Moments – 10 Simple Tips

Posted on: March 12th, 2019 by Dr. Susan Pazak

Begin today to enjoy every moment of your day. Make a commitment to yourself right now, this very moment that you are going to enjoy your day.  By beginning to enjoy your days, you will expand to enjoying your life.  If you say “I will enjoy my life when I lose weight”, “I will enjoy my life when I get a new job, mate, or when all the circumstance or situations in my life change”. This type of thinking, I will be happy when…, robs you of your joy today.  You may be in the process of change.  Little by little, step-by-step, you are changing every day and reaching your goals. Enjoy Your Moments!

You cannot enjoy your day if you do not enjoy yourself.  Say to yourself, “I am not where I need to be, but I am not where I used to be and thank God I am on my way!”  Whatever your day brings, enjoy it.   Commit to yourself, “I will not allow anything to steal my joy today”.  Set a time (today!) to begin enjoying every day. Don’t wait another minute.  Live each day as if it were your last!

Thoughts of tomorrow will get in the way of enjoying your day.  Choosing to spend today trying to figure out tomorrow causes anxious feelings.  Now of course you can plan for the future, however when you feel yourself reacting or become attached to the future, re-orient yourself to today.  You will never have today again and tomorrow is not for us to see.  You will reach your goals one day at a time.  You will have all that you need to make it through each day and if you are blessed with tomorrow your resources will be replenished. Enjoy Your Moments!

Be aware of your self-talk throughout the day. Commit to yourself to eliminate negative statements such as “I hate my job, grocery shopping, traffic, etc.” Enjoy the journey.  Take time to begin to enjoy the little things in life and appreciate that you are able to go to the grocery store, that you have a job, and that you have a car to drive in traffic.  Relax and enjoy.  We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we do not stop, relax and enjoy.

Simple tips to enjoy your days and your life:

  • Pray and set your positive intentions for the day
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes per day
  • Take a bath
  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Take time to appreciate beauty and the all the blessings in your life
  • Meditate on your dreams, visions, and goals
  • Take a deep breath and clear your mind of all thoughts
  • Be aware and challenge negative thinking and feeling and talking
  • Have an attitude of gratitude, taking nothing for granted

So again I say to you, whatever your day brings enjoy it!  Things are not so bad and if there are problems, there are solutions.  As you begin to enjoy your day you will be more open to receive knowledge, wisdom, understanding and guidance to make the necessary changes in your life to reach your goals.  Enjoying your day brings peace and balance to your world.  Don’t wait another minute!

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