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5 Tips For Sleeping Soundly Tonight

Posted on: October 4th, 2018 by Dr. Susan Pazak

Sleeping is so very important in maintaining physical and psychological balance and being our best selves.  Many people make statements such as “I never sleep” or “I don’t need a lot of sleep” or “I can’t sleep”.  These statements and beliefs would need to be challenged.  We need sleep, our body is programmed to sleep and it is a function that is absolutely necessary.  Ideally we would want to sleep 8 hours for our mind and body and spirit to rest, rejuvenate, reenergize and heal.
1.  Get Comfortable – take a shower or bath with lavender, have comfortable bed clothes, set up a bedroom that is conducive for sleep, dim the lights, cool temperature and minimal to no noise.  This cues the mind that it is time for rest.
2. Write – have a tablet or journal and write down any all worries, fears, troubling situations or thoughts. Purging these thoughts cues the mind again that it is time to rest not worry.
3.  Inventory – write down at least one high point of the day and any low points in the day.  What areas did you succeed in and what areas would you like to improve if blessed with tomorrow.  This will train the brain to be aware of the high points of the day, you will be pleasantly surprised, there are many blessings in a 16 hour day.
4.  Gratitude list – write down all the things that you were grateful for throughout the day and in general in your life.  This will include the basic functions and things that we take for granted, however without them, life would be more challenging.  Example gratitude list is thank God I can see, walk, talk, eat, shower, go to the bathroom, drive, think and then can go into being grateful for your cup of coffee that you enjoy in the morning, children, spouse, workouts, friends, family, job, income, finances, health etc.
5.  Prayer/Meditation – thank God for another day, begin mindfulness meditation techniques to be present and peaceful, as you fall asleep instead of focusing on worries or situations throughout the day (those were released when written), begin I am meditations and feel yourself drift into a restful night sleep.  Example I am mediation is an affirmation list of all that is good, positive and powerful within you such as I am smart, I am beautiful, I am reaching my dreams and goals, I am lovable, I am peaceful, I am powerful, etc. as well as all that you hope to be.  Everyone’s I am messages are unique and specific.  Create yours today and program your mind for success.

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