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3 Tricks To Be Happy Now ?

Posted on: October 22nd, 2018 by Dr. Susan Pazak

When we deem life as stressful and overwhelming and hard it can be very challenging to be happy or content with those types of thoughts and beliefs. Days then will become filled with feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, and disappointment that lead to a low frustration tolerance, grumpiness, impatience, intolerance and general sense of unhappiness and discontent. This state of mind can then cause us to act out with self destructive behaviors and definitely keep us from being our best self. Here are 3 Tricks To Be Happy Now that may help.

Happiness is a choice. People state frustration at me sometimes for making this statement as it is taken as an insult or blame. As if someone would chose not to be happy if they could. Of course that is not my intention at all. When I make the statement that a feeling is a choice, especially happiness, I am referring to the crux of cognitive behavioral therapy which is, to keep it very simple, change the way you think and you will change the way that you feel. Not easy, but very simple once we train our brains that happiness is a choice and recognize the power of our thoughts.

Today we will focus on feeling happy now

1. Breathe

We hold our breathe very often because we are focused on our thoughts or a situation or we are in a state of worry or frustration
Breathe 4 counts in through your nose to fill your lungs completely
With that breath, picture a release of all negative thoughts and feelings for that moment. Feel the body relax, feel rejuvenated, renergized and renewed.
Repeat 4 or 5 times. The mind is focused on your breathing which gives you a break from whatever thought or situation that may have been distracting and or causing a negative emotion.
The body will be relaxed and happy if only for a few minutes.
This technique can be practiced any time any where throughout the day.

2. Practice mindfulness

Reorient yourself to the present, right here, right now. The present is where we are going to be are very best. Present, peaceful and powerful and ultimately happy.
The wandering mind leads to unhappy people.
If just for this moment, remind yourself, it is Monday afternoon, it is 12:51 and state a mantra such as “all is well”, “I am content”, “I am happy”
Mindfulness is another skill that can be used any time any where throughout the day.

3. Think happy thoughts

Think of the happiest moment of your life, a success accomplished, a goal attained, a memory, or simply your favorite person or thing. You will notice a happy feeling and a smile on your face. It is hard to deny a feeling associated with a thought.
Choose your thoughts wisely, your mood can change instantly
Our thoughts are one of the few things we truly can control. Our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors are our choice.
Do yourself a favor and choose wisely today.
Choosing happy thoughts can be practiced any time, any where throughout the day.

“For every minute we are angry or unhappy, we lose 60 seconds of happiness”

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