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Life coach specializing in relationship skill training, Counseling And Coaching,  overcoming addiction, and anxiety. You will learn to be balanced, mind, body and spirit and have more satisfying relationships with yourself and others.

“Don’t Spend Another Minute Wanting to Change…Begin Today!”

For the past several years, many people have been attempting to find a way or ways to implement and maintain changes in their lives. Whether your desire is to change a behavior, situation, appearance or lifestyle, all can be achieved with guidance and support! I have been a life coach and counselor in Southern California for the past 10 years to attain balance, improve their lives, address problems and overcome addictions in an effective way.

This website was created to help to give you options for you to help yourself through the process of change. There are many steps in the process of change. Week one you may feel very motivated and excited about your goals. Week two feelings of frustration may set in. Week three you may have to cope with feelings of disappointment in response to thoughts that may go something like “This isn’t working”, “I can’t do this any longer”, “This is not worth my sacrifice, maybe my old ways were not so bad”.

If these thoughts or feelings sound familiar, I can help you to finally identify and overcome these and other hurdles that may be interfering with your progress.

My Credentials

PhD in Clinical Psychology from Alliant University formerly
United States International University

Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University

Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications from
The University of Pittsburgh

Psychologist licensed in California PSY 17583

Internship at Charter Hospital focusing on dual diagnosis treatment in their intensive outpatient recovery unit as well as inpatient services working closely with psychiatrists, psychologists and chemical dependency counselors

Provided services for for a research group studying the impact of medications on psychological conditions

Offered service through Providence Community Services and the County of Orange providing counseling to teenage girls in group homes and foster care

Worked with Orange County welfare to work program and California community colleges providing intellectual testing and career counseling to assist individuals entering into the workplace or beginning a college program

Provide articles to websites and blogs on most topics relating to psychology, health and wellness, addiction and recovery as well as goal attainment and symptom reduction

Guest speaker at the local high school classes to provide information about the field of psychology as well as provide interviews with local teens interested in a career in psychology

16 years of private practice offering psychological services as well as life coaching

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